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Why choose your poultry stunner? What are the advantages?

1. Frequency conversion pulse switch power supply design, completely isolated, safe and reliable;

2. Design and manufacture under the industry technical standards;

3. Energy and Environmental Design, small size, low power consumption;

4. Stepless adjustable output, digital display, intuitive and clear;

5. Protection : over voltage, over current, over temperature, special output current limiting protection .

6. Easy installation,Simple operation;

7. Customize the output (voltage and frequency range) according requirements.

The most important thing is to solve the two major problems of broken wings and residual blood in the body in the slaughter process, which greatly improves the quality of meat.

The product has obtained national patent registration. Please look for the poultry stunner the "ANENG" brand when purchasing. The ANENG trademark has been approved for registration.




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