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SQ05A Poultry Stunner

  • SQ05A Poultry chicken Stunner for water bath line
  • SQ05A Poultry chicken Stunner for water bath line
SQ05A Poultry chicken Stunner for water bath line SQ05A Poultry chicken Stunner for water bath line

SQ05A Poultry chicken Stunner for water bath line

  • Product ID:SQ05A
  • ProductBrand:ANENG
  • Classification:Poultry Stunner | chicken stunner

★Product Overview: 

       Poultry stunning machine(Chicken stunner, use for water bath line) , Also known as poultry stunner. Mainly applied to Mechanization and semi-mechanized poultry slaughtering plant, And used in conjunction with the slaughter line. And are able to stun chickens and other poultry safe and fast. Easy to slaughter, to reduce contamination of poultry blood. Avoid poultry wings and body damage, More conducive to the collection of poultry blood. This product is an upgrade of the old-fashioned stunning machine. Can directly replace Meyn stunner.

The performance of this product is excellent. It has been widely used in large and medium-sized poultry slaughtering plant. This product now has been promoted in New hope Liuhe Group, the CP Group, ZhongHui Group, Taihe Group, Elephant Group, Sunner Group, WENS Group and Cargill Group. The use and the effect of the product is recognized by the National meat quality and safety control engineering technology research center.



1. Frequency conversion pulse switch power supply design, completely isolated, safe and reliable;

2. Design and manufacture under the industry technical standards, the effect of electrical is good;

3. Energy and Environmental Design, small size, low power consumption;

4. Stepless adjustable output, digital display, intuitive and clear;

5. with protection of over voltage, over current, also output current limiting protection and other protection.

6. Simple operation, easy installation;

7. Customize the output frequency according requirements.



Input voltageAC120V/220V +-10% 50/60Hz
Input current0.8A
Output VoltageDC0-100V (RMS)
Output Current0-800mA
Output Frequency500-1200Hz
DimensionsWide345* Deep380*High160(mm)
Product net weightAbout 9.0KG
Standard PackagingCarton,Instruction book,Power cord,Fuse



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